The building itself has a grand history, being one of the first in the town of Caledon and the façade, which is a national monument, overlooks Donkin Street. The ‘Good Hope’ building was built in 1929 and housed the ‘Good Hope Café’ and the ‘Good Hope Theatre’. Today it is classified as a historical monument.

The building was built by the late Peter Protoulis, uncle to the late Anthony J Protoulis. It is presently owned by Peter John Protoulis, son of the late Anthony John, and his two sons Anthony and Viron Protoulis.


The late Peter Protoulis was a confectioner by trade and opened the ‘Good Hope Café & Grill’ as well as opening the only cinema in the area, known as the ‘Good Hope Theatre’.These operations traded successfully for many years, however, with the introduction of TV, the cinema was forced to close. The ‘Good Hope Café’ also closed when the National Road no longer went through the town, but by-passed it. Foschini became a tenant in 1977 and for the past 10 years so has Capitec Bank. Foschini is no longer a tenant and the space is currently vacant.